Venue of the month: Café Kwae

Found on the ground floor of One Airport Square Café Kwae is a must if you are interested in the lifestyle of Accra and looking for somewhere buzzing with activity.

Café Kwae offers clients, the opportunity to use the space and food to suit the character of your event.  From intimate celebrations to a fun and savvy pop up shop.

The café itself can host 40 -70 guests comfortably, once the tables are adjusted and can spill over outside, if there are more people.  

Apart from serving delicious and healthy food, clients can work with the team to have a menu designed to fit their needs. From bite sized burgers to customised Ghanaian infused bites, such as kelewele skewers to koko shots. They are always up for a challenge and doing something new. 

The chic and airy café layout wraps its arms around you with its welcoming ambiance created by the floor to ceiling glass windows and mood lighting.

JamJar Tip: Perfect for the intimate book launch, album listening party or intimate acoustic session. They also offer external catering if you’re interested in having a bit of Café Kwae at an event you’re hosting elsewhere. It’s definitely worth it. 



5 ways to get discounts or sponsors for your next event

When you’re just getting started, the hustle for customers and publicity is real. You need to get your product in everyone’s face in the cheapest way possible.

Events seem to be a favourite for their ability to generate brand exposure and activate your fans. However, events cost money and most companies just starting out, don’t really have any so the hunt for sponsors and discounts is on.

Everyone wants sponsors, and discounted products and brands get requests from everyone all the time. If you want to stand out and get brands on board for your event, follow these steps for your next event.

1. Start early

Give yourself at least 3 months before the event to start looking for sponsors. This can be a long and tedious process and you don’t want to rush at the last minute.

2. Decide what you are able to pay for

Most of the time it is advisable to pay for the items that the event can not run without. This way no matter what happens, you’ll still be able to run your event and be in control even if a sponsor falls through.  However having the money and being prepared to pay for them does not mean you can’t ask for sponsorship. You can also use this during negotiations to let them know that you aren’t just looking for handouts. Brands want to know that you’re investing your own resources to make the event a success as well. 

3. Determine if you want a discount, product or cash

So many start-ups request cash for their events but that is always the hardest thing to get from a sponsor. Think about what kind of support a brand can provide via in kind services or through exchanges. By being creative in this area, you can strike deals.

4. Decide which sponsors you want to approach and why.

Beyond just the financial value, think about which brands you want to be associated with your business. Even though you’re just starting out, you want to make sure you’re working with brands that connect to your values and identity.

You also want to target brands where whatever you’re offering in return actually matters to them. Most companies that provide sponsorship are looking for the advertising opportunities or to connect to your community.

Some may just be happy to support but these companies are few and far between. Generally, everybody wants something in return and you need to figure out what that is.

5. Do your research

Call people you know and find out as much as you can about other events this company may have sponsored. Look online for their values and if they have a sponsorship request form. Use LinkedIn to find the right contacts in marketing or communications departments. 

Venue of the month: Bistro 22

The opening of Bistro 22, in Labone forever changed the culinary landscape in Accra. The skillful blend of simple and refreshing  dishes has made it one of the most popular restaurants in Accra. Apart from a great menu, Bistro has recently open they’re outdoor seating area, a perfect location for intimate events.The indoor restaurant area is also available to hire, especially in the rainy season.

We have held 2 events there, one for the launch of Nespresso in Ghana and the other for Havana club. Both very different but the space set the perfect atmosphere for these brands.

Jam Insider Tip: If you are looking for a new space to hold a small corporate cocktail or launch for about 40-60 people, Bistro is your best bet. The location is central and the ambiance very simple and professional.  Give us a call now on 0243261281 to help you manage your booking, we’ve got good rates with the owner. 

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